We're a Bristol-based animation company with over 15 years experience telling your stories. Although we work across all media, we are online specialists with a proven track record of viral success. Chances are you've had one of our songs stuck in your head. From writing, production, sound design, music and voicing, we can cover any aspect of your project. Contact us to see how we can work together.


Our Work


Jonti is a trained sound engineer who once worked on visual effects for films such as Resident Evil. His first foray into animation was Weebl and Bob, which was shown on MTV. Since then he has stayed close to his first love, music, and made many viral classics including Badger Badger Badger, Narwhals and Amazing Horse. People often recognise his off beat sense of humour and his ability to make catchy songs that never quite leave you.

An ex-XFM DJ with a background in writing, Sarah came on board as head writer and is now creative director. Her first job after leaving radio was to write interstitials for Sesame Street, which was an interesting change of pace after interviewing rock stars. Trained in Scriptwriting at Manchester Metropolitan, Sarah is the core of the writing team. She has sole domain over our pre-school channel, Jellybug, and feels that her ability to come up with ideas under pressure is her best attribute.





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